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    Helpful Tip

    January 18, 2015 by Xxvioxx

    In case youre ever having formatting issues on the main "Characters" page, remember to click the "Contribute..." button at the top right of the page, rather than the "Edit" buttons next to each character name. That way you can adjust the formatting if you broke it a little, but itll also preserve the formatting whereas the other way doesnt.

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  • Xxvioxx


    July 31, 2013 by Xxvioxx

    Hello everyone~ So i'll be going on vacation, and I'll be gone for about two weeks. This means i PROBABLY won't be able to update this site much.  Could any of you help with that? If you see any new news, please create a page for it, and then add it to the Recent News column on the front page. (the front page is a delicate little flower, all you have to do is delete the oldest recent news update, and enter a new one at the top. Don't touch anything else or itll explode xD )

    All i do is check the official site ( ) and every day or so to see if anyone posted any new news or articles. If any of you would be kind enough to check this every once in a while or so itd be a great help :) Th…

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