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Neyn Hydra (ハイドラ・ネイン?) is the mother of Fuyumi, Knell, and Bell. She's the combination of two people, who fused once they met each other. Originally, one half was fully human, while the other was fully demon. They were totally separate beings, living totally separate lives, who had genetically unrelated yet still remarkably similar-looking children, due to them being doppelgangers. When they merged, they combined memories and became one being.


Neyn is a tall, beautiful woman often wearing a black dress that exemplifies her bust. She has two mismatched eyes, one from the demon Neyn and the other from Fuyumi's mother.


Neyn is a flirtatious and seductive woman, who isn't ashamed of her figure. Neyn is shown to care greatly for her family members, as she wished for Fuyumi to be back in her life again, and didn't want to leave either of her husbands when she fused. However, Neyn isn't above manipulation, as she hired Team Fearless to hunt down Staz just to be reunited with Fuyumi.


Her body includes both her and her doppelganger, who is Fuyumi's true (and human) mother. She is married to Heads Hydra and lives within his domain. She wishes to take Fuyumi as her own, however, does not seemingly succeed, despite having the help of Siam and Team Fearless.

Powers & Abilities[]

Neyn so far has shown no special abilities or powers.