June 2014Edit

6.27.14: Viz Media Announces Limited Edition Release Information!

6.27.14 : English Dub Released and Streaming!

May 2014Edit

5.26.14: English Cast Announced!

April 2014Edit

4.8.14: Blood Lad English Dub Confirmed

February 2014Edit

2.23.14: Yen Press Licenses BuraBuratto Buradora!

December 2013Edit

12.4.13: Blood Lad OVA Released!

November 2013Edit

11.26.13: Chapter 34  + 35 of Blood Lad Released!

11.7.13: Chapter 33 of Blood Lad Released!

October 2013Edit

10.10.13: Chapter 32 of Blood Lad Released!

September 2013Edit

9.26.13: Fourth T-Shirt Product to be Distributed!

9.17.13: Blood Lad Official Guidebook to be released 10/10!

9.15.13: Chapter 31 of Blood Lad Translated!

9.13.13: OAD (11th Episode) Information Released!

9.13.13: Second OST Release Information

August 2013Edit

8.30.13: More Blood Lad Merchandise Released!

8.26.13: Osaka Ryota to Appear at Vol.1 DVD Release!

8.19.13: Newtype Blood Lad Feature Images!

8.19.13: Kodama Yuuki Works on New "Guren 5" Manga!

8.14.13: Blood Lad Themed Drink Menus! :D

8.13.13: Yen Press Licenses Bloody Brat Spin-Off!

8.13.13: Blood Lad OST Release Information

8.13.13: Bloody Holic Full Song Released!

8.13.13: Official Blood Lad T-Shirts Available for Sale!

8.13.13: Additional Twitter Icons Released!

8.13.13: 2nd DVD/BD Limited Edition Release Info!

8.1-8.13: The Admin was on vacation for 2 weeks! I apologize for no updates, I'll make sure to post them ASAP :) Thank you all who made edits to the wiki while i was gone.

July 2013Edit

7.29.13: DVD/BD Vol.1 Commercial!

7.25.13: Bloody Holic PV Released!

7.25.13: Blood Lad Wants Twitter's Help!

7.23.13:Anime End Cards

7.23.13: DVD/BD Special Offers Info

7.20.13: Synopsis for Episode 2 Completed!

7.20.13: Official Android  Phone Customizations!

7.20.13: ViViD Full Version Released!

7.6.13: Viz Media (North America) Gains Rights for Simulcast

7.1.13: Theme Song ViViD PV!

7.1.13: New Character Designs/ Voice Actor Information!

June 2013Edit

6.29.13: 10 - Episode Run Confirmed

6.8.13: Broadcast Informtion Available

6.7.13: New PV and 2 Commercials Released!

6.6.13: DVD/BD Product Information

6.3.13: Added an Extras page, Updated with Official Icons!

May 2013Edit

5.31.13: 2nd Key Visual with New Screencaps!

5.31.13: Main Cast Voice Actors Announced!

5.31.23: Novel Announcement & Release Info!

5.28.13: Theme/Ending Song Information Updated

5.13.13 ViViD's song release day listed

5.2.13: Background/Scenery Images released for upcoming anime; Blood Lad website releases character information for Vlad and Deku.

April 2013Edit

4.8.13: Badly translated interview with Blood Lad creater, Kodama Yuki.

March 2013Edit

3.30.13: Anime opening/ending singers revealed

3.30.13: Anime PV aired

3.19.13: Anime relese time finally confirmed

3.3.13: Character Designs Revealed

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