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Heads Hydra is Bell's and Knell's father and the ruler of his own zone.


Head Hydra's Hydra Form

Hydra is usually seen in his human form which is dark blonde, beard and wearing regular modern clothes. However, in his true form, he is a giant three headed Hydra dragon with wings.


Hydra shown to be an immature and perverted person, while also a slacker and carefree like Staz. However, Hydra shows deep love for his wife, Nyen, as he is a pervert or affection towards her and didn't want to lose her when she fused. While known to be fearless, the only person Hydra feared was Yanagi, Fuyumi's father, as he threatened him if he made Nyen upset. Despite his slacker attitude, he cares about most people, as he allows Staz to take Fuyumi back with him, in order to not take away another loved one from Yanagi.

Powers & Abilities[]

  • Superhuman Strength: Heads Hydra has shown to have extreme degrees of physical strength when he punched Staz and lauched him into a large floating rock, creating a large crater.
  • Spatial Magic: Spatial Magic is the ability to travel through gaps in space in order to reach a different destination. The Hydra is able to transport to anywhere just by willing it, while Knell and Bell require a medium like a blanket or a frame to jump through. By opening a space, one is also able to see through it, like a window, allowing for someone to be spied on. Hydra shown to be very skilled at this form of magic and known to be quite powerful, as he created his entire home dimension and can freely manipulate it as he pleases. He is strong enough to overwhelm Staz while merely toying with him in his human form and confirmed that he could easily kill him at his leisure. He can also use his magic to summons multiple large spikes or other things to attack his enemy.
  • Hydra Form: He can also transform into a large three-headed dragon (Hydra) where he possibly becomes immensely stronger and gains the ability to fly.