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Episode 1 - She's a Skeleton Now![]


We are first introduced to Staz , 'a vampire living in the demon world. He is the "boss" of his territory in hell. He is an "otaku", obsessed with human culture, but most specifically Japanese culture. 

Soon after, his head enforcer Deku calls Staz to tell him that a young woman, Fuyumi , has wandered into the demon world, into Staz' territory. Instead of killing her, as Deku suggests, Staz eagerly has Fuyumi brought to his room. He instantly feels what he calls "attraction" to her; not only the "romantic" liking of her, but his vampirisitc instinct to suck her blood.

While this is happening, a man is gathering a crowd advertising his business to sell large plant-like creatures. Although, Deku quickly picks out the man and tells him he needs to have permission to do business Staz' territory. However, the plant-seller 's true intentions are to battle Staz for the control of his territory. Staz is alerted of this by Deku, and after much urging from Fuyumi, he goes down and easily defeats the plant-seller. However, while this had happened, one of the murderous plants came up to Staz' room, where Fuyumi was, and ate and killed her. When Deku and Staz return to find her in this state, Staz no longer feels attraction fo Fuyumi. He then vows to bring her back to life, even though he does not yet know how to go about this. Fuyumi then remembers how she arrived in the Demon World: through a portal between the Human World and the Demon World called the "Black Curtain". The apperance of this black curtain is very strange, because it is supposed to have closed once its owner had succesfully traveled through it. Staz then decides he wishes to go to the Human World along with Fuyumi. They then travel to see Mame and Saty in the Cafe Third-Eye.

When there, Staz asks the owners of the shop, Mame and Saty, what they should do about the Human World. After Mame and Saty use their combined "Third-Eye" to analyze the situation they are in, the tell Staz that though Fuyumi's existence is unstable, she should be fine. While there, Deku comes and introduces Mimic Yoshida to Staz, who wishes to join Staz' gang. Yoshida is, as the name implies, a mimic, who can transform his appearance into whoever he wants. When Staz and the others get into a predicament about how Staz will remain the territory boss if he travels with Fuyumi, they relaize Yoshida is able to take Staz' place. With this, it seems that the preparations for traveling to the Human World are complete.

Characters Introduced:[]

Staz Charlie Blood

Yanagi Fuyumi


Plant-Seller (Deceased)



Mimic Yoshida


  • The plant-seller bears a resemblance to Natsu from Fairy Tail. They also have the same English voice actor.