English Dub for Blood Lad Announced! Edit

With the arrival of the previous announcement of the dub of Blood Lad a while back, a few weeks ago the English cast was announced.

Bryce Papenbrook as Staz Charlie Blood

Xanthe Huynh as Fuyumi Yanagi

Kira Buckland as Hydra Bell

Cristina Vee as Mamejiro

Ben Diskin as Wolf

Johnny Yong Bosch as Braz D. Blood

Jason Baker as Yoshida the Mimic

Lucien Dodge as Akim Papradon 

Patrick Seitz as Franken

Erik Scott Kimerer as Hydra Knell

Wendee Lee as Neyn

Keith Silverstein as Hydra Heads

Richard Epcar as Wolf Daddy 

Ben Pronsky as Chief Goyle 

Julie Ann Taylor as Officer Beros 

Taylor Henry as ONIQLO Store Manger

Derek Stephen Prince as Sabao

Caitlin Chang as Mayu

Kyle Hebert as Dek 

Brian Beacock as Shamkid

Matthew Mercer as Sam

Erica Mendez as Jasmine

Todd Stone as Roy

Kirk Thornton directed the dub and  Chris Cason wrote the English script.

The english dub will be streamed on Neon Alley through the license of Viz Media.

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