Braz manipulating blood from his wound.

Dispensations or Privilege MagicEdit

Dispensations are a type of magic that is exclusive to demons of high caliber. In Blood Lad, dispensations are magical powers that are either granted or achieved. These abilities are most likely exempt from normal magic laws in Hell, and are acquired by either noble demons or law enforcers to use for their own use. Two main examples are Braz and Goyle . Braz' main dispensation is being able to manipulate and control his blood's form from any distance. He most likely received these powers due to his high-ranking status. Goyle's two main dispensations are his dragon-shaped manifestation of anger (Angry ), called "Spear-Headed Fury , and his ability to freeze anyone who comes into contact with his head, called "Cool Decision". Because he is a head law enforcement officer in Hell, he was most likely granted these powers in order to perform his job.

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