Deku anime
Race Demon
Age 18
Gender Male
Location Eastern Demon World
Abilities Strength
Weapons Magic, Fist
Occupation Head Enforcer of the Eastern District: Demon World.
Status Active.
Partner(s) Mimic Yoshida
Family Unknown.
Debut: Manga Ch. 1
Debut: Anime Episode 1
Voice Actor Japanese: Taichi Yones

English: Kyle Herbert

Deku is a head enforcer of Easter Hell and a member of Staz gang who look over Easter Hell when Staz is away.


Deku resembles a stereotypical ogre, very massive with pale skin. He also has pale eyes, no hair, and wears  modern-day white jacket, light blue jeans, and a red shirt.


Deku remain loyal towards Staz, despite his laziness and slacker attitude, as Deku see him as a deteminted man once he set his mind on something and a good leader, in his own way. Deku shown to care a lot for his fellow demons at Easter District, as he shows himself as a type of boss towards them, more so than Staz.


Deku is Staz' close friend and the head enforcer of the Eastern Demon World. He is part of Staz' main gang, and helps to officiate Staz' region while he is away. His strength is superb, and he takes on challengers to thone in Staz; stead.


Deku so far shows no techniques, but is known to be quite strong compared to a regular demon, as he defends Eastern District very well when Staz is unavailable. As a result, many believe he would make a good district leader due to his strength alone.



Known FamilyEdit