Dark Hero RIsing Official Guide BookEdit

Dark hero rises cover

Today on 9/17/13, the Blood Lad site announced the release of the Blood Lad Official Guide Book. It's titled Blood Lad Official File: Dark Hero Rising. It was released on October 10th, and costs 1470 yen in Japan (about $15). The only place I have found to buy it is from Ebay here .

What'll be included:

  • 80 Full-Color pages
  • Many textless copyrighted images from magazines
  • A ton of character bio, including birthdays, blood type, and height (So curious about this!!)
  • Original short story
  • Interviews with a few voice actors (Staz, Fuyumi, and Bell)
  • And many more illustrations!

You can read more about it on the official site here !