Rules Concerning the Blood Lad WikiEdit

You are allowed and encouraged to add or edit any information.Edit

- Your edit will be reviewed by xxvioxx, the admin. 

- If you have any questions, or would like to notify me of any problems, please message xxvioxx

- Seriously feel free to edit any information I haven't been able to edit. I'm lazy and don't have the time.

- If you'd like, add a signature to what you edit. (however, if you change one word please don't that's excessive)

Only post information that is official. Edit

- Please do not post rumors or speculations on main pages of this wiki. Obviously, this is to not spread false information further. If you would like, you may post on the forum, or make a page about the speculation of said information.

Credit the source of your information.Edit

- Please source where you are getting your information from. This is to not only make sure the information is credible, but also for anyone else who is curious about the information.

Do NOT change the wiki's theme.Edit

- If you really would like to, message me and I will see what you have in mind. Warning: I probably won't let you unless it's something amazing.

Be aware of Japanese and English differences.Edit

- There are many differences between the Japanese and English releases of the manga, mostly concerning translation. For example, "Beru" and "Bell" are both appropriate names for Beru Hydra. In this case, please don't go changing names according to what you like better. Please stick with the official english manga translations. If this is not enough for you, add in parenthesis next to a name the other spelling. (e.g: Beru (Bell) )

Do not add any unofficial art or fanart (especially unsourced).Edit

-Though there are a lot of great artists and great artwork out there, I do not wish to have unofficial artwork on this wiki. This is manily because I do not want people to believe something is official, when its rights in reality belong to the owner. There are many copyright laws out there, and I don't want to have to deal with them. Plus, you shouldn't go around putting others' art places without their permission.

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