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Vol.1 - Chapter 1 (Read it here! )Edit

We first meet our protagonist, Staz . During a short introduction, Staz describes himself as the descendant of powerful vampires, however he himself is a human-loving otaku from Hell, who is the boss of the Eastern district.

Deku, Staz' friend and assistant, then calls to tell Staz of the other main protagonist, Fuyumi . She is a human girl who has stumbled into Staz' territory. Seizing this opportunity, Staz calls for Fuyumi to be brought up to him, in order to meet and talk to a real human girl. However, he soon realizes his bloodlust for humans, and vows to never hurt her, and rather protect her, and instead declares his love for her. Soon after, the Plant Seller shows up, who tries to murder Staz after illegally vendoring his pet plant things, but is soon defeated by Staz' extreme power. During this time, though, one of the Plant Seller's carnivourous plants finds Fuyumi up in Staz' room, and eats her, then spits up the bones. Though she is killed, she is well in the form of a ghost, which is denoted by the triangle headband she now wears. This new ghost form does not appeal to Staz' liking. Because of this, he then vows to return Fuyumi back to her original, flesh-and-blood human state.

Characters Introduced:Edit

  • Staz Charlie BloodGo to
  • Fuyumi YanagiGo to
  • DekuGo to
  • Plant Seller (Deceased)Go to

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