2nd DVD/BD Volume Release Information!Edit

(Information originally made available 8.1.13)

Release Date: October 25th 2013

Episodes Included: Episode 3 & 4

Limited Edition of Volume 2 Includes:

  • An original full-color picture illustrated by mangaka Kodama Yuuki
  • The 2nd Drama CD, featuring the voice actors of Staz, Wolf, and more.
  • "The Third-Eye Cafe Roundtable" freetalk
  • A box cover featuring Wolf, drawn by Kodama Yuuki. (part  seen to right)
  • A cover jacket drawn with the character designs of Kenji Fujisaki
  • End card illustrations by Kodama Yuuki and Oshikiri Iotus
  • Creditless Ending
  • Audio commentary by the cast

More info on the offers can be found on the website here :)