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• 6/27/2014

Blood Lad 9

Hi there ? What did you guys think about the 9th volume, aka chapters 41 to 45 ? It's just that I really liked the series so far and was brutally dissapointed by this release... I'd like to know if I'm just a lone nut or if this opinion is shared by people who liked it enough to start a wikia on it in the first place ;)

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• 6/27/2014

Hi there! (im the admin of the wiki >3< )

Actually, my country has not yet published this volume x.x The furthest I've read up to is only chapter 40. But, the next volume will be published late next month! 

However, I have skimmed the chapters in Japanese a bit, but since my japanese isn't very good, I only know a bit of what's going on. But, I kinda have to agree with you... My impression of it was that nothing really dramatic happened? Well, it was pretty dramatic, but I felt like I was looking for something more? I also feel like there's too many conflicts going on, and I want to wrap at least one of them up, but instead he added more >.<

I wish I had more to say, but like I said I haven't really got the details on what's going on lol. When I read it I can comment on it more though!! :D

(p.s: because you've read ahead of me, feel free to add any info from those chapters to the wiki pages!!!!)

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